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20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in London the witch


20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in London : Have you ever been to London? Are you curious to know more about the places to visit in London?

This article would help you a lot to know more about the best places to visit in London. In addition, this article would introduce to you more information about tourism in London. So Let’s start.

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Tourism in London: 20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in London

London population is about more than eight million people, and its area covers more than 600 square meters.

London is considered as one of the world’s top tourist attraction destinations. In fact, about 15 million visitors come to London every year for the purpose of tourism in London.

These 15 million people who visit London each year, concentrate mainly on the cultural and London tourist attractions within the city and its immediate surrounds.

Thus, we can find that Britain, which is the capital city of London, it is very famous with arts and entertainments; actually, it is the main center for them. You can find usually its theaters busy, and the music of the Beatles is still rocking there.

Actually, London tourist attractions are so many starting from the royal palaces, the people’s parliament, in addition to the Roman ruins, the castles and the cathedrals. In fact, you would have many places to visit in London and would spend many days exploring many sites in London, and you would never run out of the wonderful and unique things to see and do.

20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in London

1-     Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace

The main parts of the court, including the great hall and other parts, are dated to the time of Henry the eighth.

There are many features of interest in this palace, including the famous clock court that is dated to 1540 with its astronomical clock.

Moreover, the palace includes many special state apartments, which includes the Chapel, the King’s apartments, in addition to the Tudor tennis court.

In addition, the palace includes many fantastic gardens that the tourists should visit, starting from the Privy Garden, The Knot Garden of Elizabeth, the Pond Garden, in addition to the Board Walk and the Wilderness, with the existence of the very special full bloom in the mid-way.

So, If are going to visit London soon, do not miss to visit the Hampton Court Palace,  which is one of the best places to visit in London.

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2-     National Gallery london

National Gallery london
National Gallery london

One of the places to visit in London is the National Gallery, which is ranked among the top museums of art in the world.

It includes most of the European paintings starting from 1260 till 1920.

The collections of the Italian Schools and the Dutch masters are dated to the 15th and the 16th centuries, and they are the strengths of the museum.

Moreover, the museum includes the cartoon sketch of Leonardo DA Vinci which is known as Madonna and Child, in addition to The Entombment of Micheal Angelo, Venus and Mars by Botticelli, The Water Lily Pond by Mont, and Sunflowers by Van Gogh.

So, if are interested in art and knowing more about the England art history, the national gallery will be one of the best places to visit in London.

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3-    Kew Gardens london

kew gardens london
kew gardens london

The Kew Gardens are commonly known as called the Royal Botanic Gardens, and it is located on one of the Thames banks -the south bank- at the southwest of London.

With a closer look to the Kew Gardens, you would find a large number of that grow there.

The Herbarium, for example, includes a collection of dried plants that reach seven million types or even more.

The gardens dated to 1759 when it was laid out, and it then became a property of the government in 1841.

Moreover, in 1897 by the order of Queen Victoria, the Queen’s Cottage was added and the adjoining woodland.

Really, this place is a wonderful and represents one of London tourist attractions.

So, try to visit these gardens, and take a river cruise down the Thames, you will watch out all the gardens, and enjoy the different musical and many cultural events throughout your cruise.

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4-   Battersea Park london

 Battersea Park london
Battersea Park london

The Battersea Park covers an area of 200 acres, it was laid out in the mid-19th century and it is located on one of the banks of the Thames, particularly the south bank.

The highlights of the garden include sports grounds, open spaces, in addition to the boating lake and cafes. All of this makes the park one of the places to visit in London, particularly during the warmer months of the year.

In addition, there are other highlights, which include the Henry Moore Sculpture and the Peace Pagoda.

Moreover, do not miss to visit the Children’s Zoo, and the Battersea Park Nature Area, in order to discover its wildlife and views of the iconic Battersea Power Station.

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5-     Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum
Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum was founded in 1852, it covers about 13 acres and contains around 145 galleries, which show the art, and artifacts that lasts for about 5,000 years.

The exhibits include ceramic works, glass works, textiles and costumes works, silver and jewelry works, ironwork, sculpture, in addition to the prints and photos.

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6-     The London Eye

The London Eye
The London Eye

The London Eye was built in 2000 as a mark in London millennium celebrations, and it is the Largest observed wheel in Europe.

You can have a tour for 30 minutes that takes you 443 ft  in a circular tour above the Thames.

In fact, the London Eye is one of London tourist attraction places that you would give a try and visit.

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7-     Hyde Park London

Hyde Park London
Hyde Park London

One of the largest open spaces in London is the Hyde Park, it covers about 350 acres, and it is considered as one the best places to visit in London.

One of the main highlights of the park is the Serpentine, which is a man-made lake dated to the 18th century for boating and swimming.

One more landmark is Apsley House, which was the home of Wellington the first Duke. Now it is a museum and includes many of Wellington’s collections of paintings.

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8-   Big Pin and Parliament

Big Pin and Parliament
Big Pin and Parliament

Big Pin is very famous all over the world, it is a 97meter tower, which contains the large clock with its resounding.

You can find below it, the Houses of the Parliament, in addition to the site of the Palace of the royal Westminster.

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9-     The Tower of London

The Tower of London
The Tower of London

One of the important places to visit in London is the Tower of London, which has witnessed many different events and roles through many centuries.

In 1078, William the Conqueror built the tower of London, and many events and things happened there.

The main highlights London’s tower include the beefeaters, the gruesome exhibits, the royal mint, in addition to the famous exhibition of the Crown jewels.

So, the tower of London is simply the right place to visit if you are curious about the knowing more about the country’s history.

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10- The Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge
The Tower Bridge

The adjacent Tower Bridge, it is located above the Thames river with 61 meters and it consists of two huge towers, and it represents one of the best Landmarks of London.

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11- Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium

The Wembley Stadium is very famous all over the world by being the home of football.

The Wembley Stadium was built on the site of the British Empire Exhibition of 1920. The huge stadium accommodates up to 80,000 spectators at some of the country’s greatest sporting events. Moreover, Wembley Stadium is also available for music concerts, and it enables a 75-minute guided tours.

So, do not miss to visit the Wembley Stadium.

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12- Museum of The Order of St John

The museum of the Order of St John is located in St John’s Gate. This museum is dedicated to the history of the Order of St John and the famous ambulance service it spawned.

The Order Collection includes coins, weapons, armor, medals, ceramics, glass, silver, furniture, and jewelry, in addition to the religious art collection and the archeological finds.

In addition, the St John Ambulance collection displays include the early first aid kits, the medical equipment, and uniforms.

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13- Richmond Park

Richmond Park
Richmond Park

The Richmond Park is the largest city park in Britain and is one of the largest royal parks of London.

It covers an area of about 2300 acres. One of the most attractive features of the park is the Isabella Plantation, which is a woodland garden laid out in 1831. Also, another attractive feature is the Prince Charles Spinney in which some 5,300 trees were planted in 1949.

The Richmond Park has ten gates and contains a number of old mansions that include the lovely White Lodge.

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14- RHS Garden Wisley

The Royal Horticultural Society’s showpiece garden, which is famously known as RHS Garden Wisley, it covers about 250 acres and it includes the widest range of gardening styles and techniques in the world.

One of the main highlights of the garden is the Glasshouse, which includes plants from tropical, moist temperate and dry temperate habitats.

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15- Brooklands Museum

Brooklands Museum
Brooklands Museum

One of the most popular museums in Surrey is the Brooklands Museum in Weybridge.

It was opened as a racetrack in 1907 and now it is famous for being the birthplace of the British Motorsport and aviation.

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16- The Trafalgar Square and the Piccadilly Circus


If you are planning for tourism in London, then you have to include in your plan to visit these two places, which are considered as two of the best tourist locations in London.

First, the Trafalgar Square, which was built to memorialize the victory of Lord Horatio Nelson in 1805 at Trafalgar over both of the French and the Spanish.

Second, the Piccadilly Circus, which represents a significant mark for the irregular intersection of many various busy streets and the overlooking of London’s traffic.

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17-St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul’s Cathedral

One of the largest and famous churches in London is St Paul’s Cathedral. Moreover, it is the most famous Church in the world.

The church structure was destroyed in 1666 during the Great Fire, then it was rebuild once again by Sir Christopher Wren.

Today, St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the masterpieces of English architecture and is one the best places to visit in London.

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18- Covent Garden

 Covent Garden
Covent Garden

The Covent Garden Market halls and arcades are characterized by the lining of specialty shops and kiosks, in which you can find everything is sold there, starting from fine handicrafts to tacky souvenirs.

You can buy all that you need from there and enjoy watching the architecture of the place.

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19- Syon House and Conservatory

One of the places to visit in London is the Syon House in Brentford, which is originally a 15th-century monastery. It was one of the architectural jewels on the periphery of London. Architect Robert Adam redesigned it in the 18th century.

The Syon House is noted for its 54-acre Park and gardens, including the magnificent Great Conservatory, which was built in the 1920s.

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20- Wimbledon


Just when you hear the word Wimbledon, then you are surely talking about tennis.

Actually, Wimbledon is famous for being the venue of the world’s most famous tennis tournament.

It is one of the highlights of the UK’s summer social and sporting calendars.

The site is also home to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, which is the most modern and attractive of its kind.

It includes a multitude of exhibits and interactive displays, where the museum includes a 3D cinema that allows the visitors to experience the true thrill as of being on the center court.

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Conclusion : 20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in London

In summary, tourism in London is fantastic, and you would be very busy as long as you have been there, as London has many attractive places to visit. We tried in this article to choose some of the best places to visit in London, to help you to set your plan for the places to visit, however, London has more and more beautiful places.

In fact, London is a very attractive tourist destination because of its natural beauty, and the many tourist and cultural attraction places.

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